Tuesday saw a combined approach to the ACC Levy and legislation attack from National, by the unions and left-wing groups, as well as a large contingent of bike-riders, co-ordinated by the Kiwibiker organisation, who gathered at Parliament grounds around midday.
The CTU ran a spirited build-up to the rally, with a video on You-Tube, as well as campaign materials being collated by the ACC Futures Coalition here.
Bonus analysis of National spin here.

Green MP and Co-leader Metiria Turei spoke on the forecourt to the assembled protesters, and was followed by speakers from the NZ Counselling professional organisation, as well as Kiwibiker and some union representatives.

Minister for ACC, the Hon Nick Smith, was nowhere to be seen, despite entreaties from the crowd for his presence. Green MP’s Dave Clendon, Kevin Hague and Cath Delahunty stood up to support Meyt, along with a strong contingent of Labour MP’s, even including Opposition Leader Phil Goff for a while.

Union banners were fluttering all over the grounds, representing the NDU, PSA, CTU, EPMU, NZNO, RMTU, and were joined by banners from AWSM and the Worker’s Party. Green Party members and staffers carried pennants and made a brave showing amongst the black-clad bikers.

Green banners a-flutter

Green banners a-flutter

A Ministerial gaggle on the forecourt, the Hon Phil Goff heading off...

A Ministerial gaggle on the forecourt, the Hon Phil Goff heading off...

NZNO banners

NZNO banners

Unionist solidarity

Unionist solidarity

The Rally concluded with a serenade for the assembled protestors from Fatt Max, a Kiwibiker member, who had the crowd singing along to a chorus which suggested a probably anatomically impossible action for the Minister for ACC to accomplish with his new legislation.

Fatt Max from Kiwibiker

Fatt Max from Kiwibiker

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