Concerned Citizens in action again, Exhibition and Gig

August 5, 2011

Concerned citizens logo

Concerned citizens presents

Concerned Citizens and Active Stills Presents


Photographic Exhibition to Raise Awareness About Upcoming UN Decision on Palestinian

Opening Date: Friday 19th August, 2011

Concerned Citizens is a diverse community of more than 60 artists and musicians from around New Zealand that unite regularly to put on public events exhibitions and concerts. These events provide an eclectic showcase of local and international art, music, film, and seminars, while raising funds and awareness in support of a range of positive social and political causes. Our primary focus is to generate discourse about issues of social justice and causes we feel are not getting the attention they deserve.

In September, every country in the UN General Assembly (including New Zealand) will make a decision about whether or not they recognize Palestine as a state. In the case of New Zealand, Foreign Minister Murray McCully will make this decision on our behalf. Despite international opinion being overwhelmingly in favour of recognising Palestinian statehood, Mr McCully’s track record suggests that his decision may be influenced more by NZ-US trade relations than upholding basic human rights.

Since there is likely to be very little media coverage of this issue until after the decision is made, we would like to bring it to the attention of the New Zealand public. A sufficiently widespread expression of public opinion is likely to be effective in swaying McCully’s decision in favour of humanitarian concern.

To achieve this goal, we are currently organising a series of large collaborative photography exhibitions in cities around the country, opening in Wellington on Friday August 19th.

The central exhibit in each city will be a collection of works provided by Active Stills, a collective of Israeli and Palestinian photographers using photography as a creative means of non-violent resistance to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine.

To support the central exhibit and extend the exhibition to the broader community, we’re inviting professional and amateur photographers in each city to contribute work. We’re expecting the content to be diverse, involving both political and non-political photography.

The event will be combined with film screenings, public seminars and live music, coordinated through the Concerned Citizens website (
Like previous Concerned Citizens activities, these exhibitions will be community-oriented events that showcase local talent while raising awareness about an important social issue.

Supporting Event
Saturday 13 August at 3:00pm – 14 August at 01:00
Location: Above People’s Coffee, Garrett St

Concerned Citizens, in association with Vic Students for Palestine, are putting on another gig at Garrett St, this time to raise funds for nationwide photography exhibitions to raise awareness about New Zealand’s role in the upcoming UN decision on the recognition/non-recognition of Palestine as a state.

This will be another early-starting, super-diverse, mega-goodtime party with ELEVEN excellent bands!
Seth Frightening, Numbskull, Cosby Pills and Hash, Uncle Thundermaker, Big Rik, The Shadow Blasters, Tommy and the Fallen Horses, Albert Williams, The All-Seeing Hand, Nervous System, Mongo Skato

Early start! Bands at 3pm

The gig will be helping to fund a nationwide series of photography exhibitions in August!

The Exhibition opened fine, and the clever crew at Concerned Citizens even filmed some of the opening. The auction continues until the end of the 1st of September, online at Unrecognised


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