This is by the way of being a last post for 2008. I’ve been a bit slack, it’s been a slow month for me in December with some bureaucratic nonsense to deal with , then catching the ‘flu just before the xmas shopping season folded up and went away. The upside of staying home was remembering to water my plants, as we finally slipped into some warmer weather.

My initial planter tub has flourished, to the point of now having small green tomatoes visible; I used some of the fresh basil growing with the tomatoes, to make a simple pesto to go with some salmon I baked on xmas day – yummy with fresh new season’s potatoes!
So I can happily skite of having already eaten from my little potted garden.

The next stage has involved planting another tub with silverbeet and beetroot plants, and the momentous decision to transplant some sweetcorn seedlings into the margin garden along the side of the house, to be trained up the weatherboards of our old villa.

planter tubs on patio - tomato/basil to the right

planter tubs on patio - tomato/basil to the right

little sweetcorn plants, bedded in straw mulch

little sweetcorn plants, bedded in straw mulch

Happy 2009, everybody!


I’m someone who likes gardening, and will happily renovate any unloved backyard of a flat I move into.
My last place had already been made into a fully functional organic garden by others before me, so I just ate stuff all summer, composted my veggie scraps, and enjoyed it.

This winter, I moved into a flat with the garden from “I don’t love you anymore”. [The suburb next to hell.. no, not the Pizza shop, the other one!]
I dogmatically cut out gorse, deadly nightshades, a whole lot of dead, dried Livingstone Daisy detritus, and a few other hazards; composted my coffee grounds, & waited to see what would show up in spring.

As the grass was cut back on the euphemistically-named “back lawn”, various structures came into view, among them two large planters, abandoned around one dark side of the villa. Earlier in the winter, hunting through the house for storage space, I had found a bag of potting mix, circa 2003 (yes, in the original Mitre 10 bag, with a receipt …) – and a plan was born.

The organic garden, v 1.01

The organic garden, v 1.01

So here’s the first of many planters to be set up this summer.

I’ll be skiting about produce, as soon as there’s something to skite about, don’t worry.
Meanwhile, these are the ingredients for a classic genoese pasta sauce – basil, onions & tomatoes!

The next one I set up will have beetroot, parsley, silverbeet and sweetcorn – less of a recipe, more of an experiment. [… of the GE-Free kind …]
I desperately need some marigold plants, too – since Commonsense didn’t have any, does anyone know of somewhere that does? They’re great for warding off the aphids and other flying beasties.

I seem to have been pinged by someone who thinks I’m from Texas, LOLZ.

For the rest of the New Zealanders who’ve been reading my blog (yes, all 3 of you …), here’s a link to the Soil & Health Association of NZ’s magazine, Organic – one of my favourite resources for local info.
Contains a regular series of articles on local GE-free and organic issues, moon-planting calendars, biodynamics info, as well as columns on alternative herbal health solutions that you can grow for yourself, and supports local businesses who are creating sustainable, eco-friendly products right here in NZ.

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